- Offer content in addition to nudge towards signing up for events
- Brand colors encouraged, but not required
- Joy, warm, modern, intimate, nature

My goal with all of these tiles was to provoke introspection or a laugh. During the challenges of April and May 2020, both seemed invaluable. My spirits were improved just by working on this project!
The classes in this series were one-offs with the purpose of giving people guidance during a terrible time. I wanted the different designs to relate to each other, but also emphasize different emotional states: being uplifted vs being alone.

By using the same layout and fonts I was able to create a unified aesthetic.
I decided to create all of these original designs in Canva instead of a professional design software so that the client could easily edit and reuse them in the future. These designs essentially became templates and were used to promote several other events in 2020. 

When working with small and understaffed organizations, it is important to me to make sure the brand development I do can be maintained. 
The three tiles with text below feature questions given to me by the client. The others in this gallery are entirely my concept and copy. I sourced free and copyright-free imagery for all the tiles on this page.

I really enjoyed coming up with the pithy one-liners! Two of them include a pun based on the event name: Pre-prayer for Shabbat, which took place right before the Jewish sabbath began. 
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