Veridium is a biometric authentication platform and participated in the cyber security industry's awareness month.


- Include key information
- Highlight human centric product
- Avoid gloomy cybersecurity aesthetic

I created and/or guided my intern in the creation of these social media graphics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Enterprise DB
EnterpriseDB uses Postgres to manage databases for large companies. They also run a number of certification classes, an online community, and other industry-specific resources. They brought me on to support their overall brand and advertising efforts.


- Incorporate brand colors
- Attention-grabbing
- Fast turn around time

Email signature.

Email signature.

Email signature, based on client's image choice.

Digital badges for training certification, following the guidelines from third party Acclaim

Screenshot of, highlighting the digital certification badges.

Tile ads for online classes.

Social tiles, released leading up to new website launch.
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