We began by defining the overall tone of the identity. Skip the Small Talk's scope is growing rapidly, and it was important to the client that all the materials be appealing to both attendees of the public events at Aeronaut Brewery and to potential corporate clients. The conclusion was a purposefully playful, yet calm, aesthetic.

Business cards.

In addition to creating a strong visual identity, I wanted to give the client the tools necessary to carry that identity out across mediums, even if a designer was not on hand. To that end, I chose two versatile open source font families to feature in the logo, business cards, and website. By consistently using different weights and cases, we have begun to build a quickly recognizable hierarchy of typographic information. This can be seen throughout the website.

All three business card designs.

STST's core event involves facilitated conversations prompted by a special deck of questions cards. Early on in working together, I floated the idea of including one of these questions on the business card. The client loved the idea, and I developed into a broader brand strategy that can be implemented into future social marketing campaigns. The business cards are now a mini version of the event activity, prompting every person the founder networks with to skip the small talk!
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